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Services for hosted people

This is the service you can get if you subscribe on TuxFamily. Of course, you need to have an open-source related project to get those services.

  • Web hosting (PHP4 and PHP5 are supported)
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases hosting
  • CVS repositories
  • Subversion repositories
  • Mailing-lists
  • Handle of your domain (DNS hosting)
  • Popboxes and mail-forward for your domain
  • Download area of 1 GB, can be increased if you need more space
  • Quota of 200 MB for all groups, not including download area, can be increased if you need more space

Additional services, for everybody

The games : games.tuxfamily.net

TuxFamily.org has a games services, called games.tuxfamily.net. It's a meeting point for people who play free games on the Internet. All well-known free games are available, you can have some statistics on the main page.

IRC server : irc.tuxfamily.org

TuxFamily.org provides a free irc-server (irc.tuxfamily.org). You can use it for your projects if you want.

NTP server : ntp.tuxfamily.net

We provide a free ntp server. You can use it for personal stuff, there is no restriction for the use of this service.